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Keep 'Em Pinned

To make it big in motocross you’ve got to put the hours in at the racetrack. And nothing compares to the range of Yamaha's YZ 2-strokes.Yamaha has dominated the dirt with impressive wins in all classes – including two-strokes. In celebration of Yamaha’s dirt dominance, Yamaha is offering 2-stroke race kits with all 2018 and earlier YZ250, YZ125 and YZ85/LW models, for a limited time only.
The kits comprise of the following components:

YZ85/LW• GYTR shorty muffler• V-Force 3 carbon reed valve kit • GYTR blue rear sprocket • GYTR top clamp, bar and pad kit• GYTR exhaustKit RRP value $1437 


YZ125 • Launch master system• GYTR race exhaust• GYTR muffler• V Force 3 reed block • GYTR 49T blue alloy rear sprocket Kit RRP value $1146


YZ250 • Launch master system • GYTR race exhaust• GYTR race muffler • GYTR 50T blue alloy rear sprocket Kit RRP value $798